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Support News:  Micrsoft Windows XP Updates Failing to Install; click here for details/resolution.



Welcome to 10wire support.

Support Tools >>

Note:  Some of the below services require a username/password.  If you do not know your username/password or are not a client of 10wire and would like to make use of any of the support options, please call 480.264.8184 or click here.


10wire is always just a call away for support issues.  Call us at 480.264.8184 to speak with a support technician or engineer.

Help Desk

10wire's Online Help Desk is open 24/7.  Click here to submit a new support request, track an existing support request or browse the Knowledge Base.

Remote Support

On Site

Some jobs require an on site support technician or engineer.  10wire is available, on your schedule.

Need a quick answer to a technical question?

10wire is always just a phone call away!

Technicians are standing by.

Call us at

The 10wire Help Desk is open 24/7, and allows clients to submit new service requests or track existing ones.

There is also a very handy Self Service Knowledge Base to find answers quick!

Remote Support is a web based remote control software tool that allows 10wire technicians to connect to your computer for diagnosing and resolving issues.

This is a prearranged service with 10wire.

We understand that some jobs just require a site visit for proper resolution.

10wire technicians are always prompt, courteous and ready to resolve your technology woes.

FTP >>

  File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a service that allows
  for the uploading and/or downloading of large files.

  If you have been directed to the 10wire FTP site,
  please click the "file upload" icon to the left.  You
  must have the username/password in order to
  upload.  If you do not have the username/password,
  please contact 10wire at 480.264.8184.


Free Tools and Downloads >>

Online Virus Scan

Concerned you may be infected with a virus, spyware, or something else?  If yes, then click below to begin a free scan of your computer.

HouseCall v.6.5
Click here to launch HouseCall v.6.5 (from Trend Micro)


Anti-Virus Software

One of the widest used and most recommended anti-virus products on the market...and it's completely FREE for home users!


(by Alwil)

Anti-Spyware / Malware

A best of class anit-spyware / malware program.  Free to use and self updating with new definition files and program versioning.

Windows Defender

(by Microsoft)

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